Coming May 14th: The Song of the Faerie Prince

This may be a little later than I intended, but here it is! The cover of The Song of the Faerie Prince, out May 14th from Ninestar Press!


Seventeen-year-old Gia Johnson is comfortable hiding in the background of her high school. In her mind, it’s where heavy girls like her belong, but when a dark force threatens a childhood friend, she’ll brave the limelight in the strangest of places: the Faerie Court. If that wasn’t weird enough, a boy from school, Oliver O’Brien, is now her greatest ally and the heir to the faerie throne. They’ll have to work together to defeat the darkness, face their own demons, and navigate their growing feelings for each other, but Gia’s growing crush brings questions she’s afraid to answer. If she’s always liked girls and Oliver is trans, where do they fit in the world? Where does she fit in the world?


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