Story Telling Saturday: The Song of the Faerie Prince

QueenKnightIn one month, return to Grand Harbor, Michigan and the heart of the Faerie Courts with old friends and new faces. In one week, take a glimpse at the cover holding it all together! Until then, have a peak at a scene not before featured during Camp NaNoWriMo 2017


Zoe thinks I’m helping Oliver with math homework. I don’t need her getting suspicious about us, especially after what happened over the weekend. At least hanging out and eating lunch at his locker proves that I was right: I don’t like him. What happened at the piano was a fluke. Sure, I felt nervous when I first saw him in choir, then again at lunch on Monday, but I was scared that he would say something about what happened at his house. That’s it.

But then a girl from his biology class stops by at the beginning at lunch on Wednesday to ask about their homework assignment. She balances on the balls of her feet since we’re already sitting on the floor, flips her wavy blond hair to one side and flashes him a dazzling smile.

“Hi, Ollie. Do you remember what our homework was from last night? I forgot to write it down.” She pouts a bit and brings her arms together as she holds her books a bit more than necessary, pushing her breasts together.

It’s a good thing I haven’t eaten yet or else I’d throw up. I like girls, but this is too much. Not that I care what she wears, it’s a free country, but geez. It’s just homework, for goodness sake, and Oliver’s nice. He’d give it to her without the mating ritual.

Unless that’s not all she’s after.

Oliver gives her a polite smile, then reaches up to open his locker. “Hold on, lemme check.”

With Oliver’s back turned while he rummages though his binders, the blonde turns her smile to me. Her eyes narrow a bit into a subtle glare, just enough for me to read loud and clear that we are on friendly terms.

>A flame of anger flashes in my chest. I return the smile and inch a little closer to Oliver to send a little message of my own: You don’t scare me, bitch.

He turns around with two stapled sheets of notebook paper and we both relax. “Problems one through ten, then numbers twelve, thirteen, and seventeen in the essay section.”

The girls takes it and scribbles the information on a notepad. When she shakes her hair out of the way, we’re both hit with a wave of strong fruity perfume. “You’re the best, Ollie.”

>Think you can get it all done before bio?”

She looks up at him with a coy smirk, holding the assignment out of his reach. “Depends. Think I could look yours over first?”

He chuckles and reaches for it. “I don’t think so.”

>She holds it a little further back, balancing with her other hand. “Oh, come on, Ollie. I’ve been doing my homework by myself all year. I haven’t copied once yet.”

For which I’m very proud of you. I’d hate to break your streak.”

She finally gives it back, but something still bothers me. I don’t like the way he leans over her or the way she looks him when he sits back down and puts the assignment away. That bothers me. Why do I care if some random girl flirts with Oliver? He’s not biting and she’s allowed to go after him if she wants.

The girl pouts again and gets to her feet. “Oh, you’re no fun, Oliver.”

His polite smile remains in place as he rummages though his lunch bag. “If I was fun, you wouldn’t be learn as much.”

She tosses her hair one more time before walking away. “Oh, I’m sure I’d still learn plenty. It’s biology, after all.”

Yeah, real original. That joke was actually funny when Miguel told it.

Oliver sighs, shakes his head, and pulls an apple from his bag. “Oh, Amber, Amber, Amber.”

“Yeah, uh, since when does anyone except Kole and Kellen call you Ollie?”

My sharp tone make him laugh so hard that he chokes and almost spews apple pulp.

“A tad jealous are we, Gia?”

Idea just makes me angrier. “As if. Why on earth would I be jealous?”



Come back next week, April 21st, to see the cover for The Song of the Faerie Prince!

Available May 14th from NineStar Press!


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