A Letter to my Favorite Reader

Placeholder ImageI recently ordered a handful of copies of both my book to sign for friends and family. My youngest reader is a cousin of mine, and his mother asked if I would write a small note to him in his copy. I was more than happy to oblige and, as I wrote it, I realized it was very much so a letter to my entire intended audience. My cousin just so happens to be the dearest member of that audience to me. So I thought I’d take a moment today to share.


Dear X,

Thank you for enjoying my books! That makes me so happy!

I wrote these books for kids who walk through the world a bit differently than others. There can be a lot of lonely, scary moments in being different, but there is also a great deal of love and wisdom as well. That’s why I want you to always be yourself and never be afraid to question that is.

You are incredibly smart, incredibly kind, and incredibly loved. Take comfort and strength in that knowledge and you can do anything.


Sincerely Yours,



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