Storytelling Saturday: Snow White and Summer Blue

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Hey, lovely people!

To hold myself more accountable, I want to start posting more works in progress. Today, we start with a the opening of a piece I’m hoping to submit for a competition on, which I highly recommend checking out if you enjoy the Faerie Court Chronicles.

The contest calls for a gender-bent retelling of a classic fairy tale. I decided to go with Snow White, but tried a slightly different angle with the gender bending. I hope you enjoy it!


Once upon a time in a far off land, much like many other far off lands, lived a king with three sons. The youngest was a tad different than his brothers for, you see, when he was born they mistook him for a princesses on account of his body. His skin was so fair in contrast with his black hair than his mother named him Snow White just before she died. When the prince grew old enough to talk and dress himself, he informed his father that everyone was quite mistaken and that he was, in fact, a prince just like his brothers.

Now, this king was a kind, loving, and understanding man. He apologized to his son and renamed him Summer Blue, for his mother had said his eyes reminded her of the sky on the summer day she first met the king. For a time, all was well.

But then the king remarried a duchess from a land far different than his own to stop a war between the two. No sooner did the couple return from their honeymoon did the king fall ill and die. With no close relatives to take the crown while the three sons grew into adulthood, the queen began to rule.

Truth be told, she was a power-hungry and wicked queen who wanted nothing more than to see her new kingdom flourish into an empire that would last a thousand years. To start off, she arranged marriages for her two oldest step-children to build alliances with powerful kingdoms that were as cruel and 

malicious as she was. When it came time to arrange a marriage for Summer Blue, the queen changed her tune.

It isn’t right for you to go on pretending to be a prince when you’re really a prin

cess, young Snow White,” said the queen. “Besides, you’re the youngest. Your brothers will inherit everything, so I’ll send you to wed a prince so that you can one day sit on a throne of your own, if he should pass too soon. You can then join his kingdom with ours.”

I shall not rule like you,” argued Summer Blue, “and I shall not murder as you did our father. Though no one believes a word I say, I know it to be true. I’ll marry into the royal family of Fairy Land so that our kingdom can learn good magic and take our place in the world in the right way.”

Furious with the prince’s fiery words, the queen stripped Summer Blue of his usual clothes and only gave him only dresses to wear. She then locked him away, vowing to only let him out once he confessed he was really a princess.

There Summer Blue stayed, plotted, and listened. Spring passed into summer. Summer passed into autumn. Autumn to winter. Then, on the first day of spring, the queen set out on a journey to find a kingdom with a prince that would marry Summer Blue.

With his step-mother gone, Summer Blue seized his chance and slipped away from his room under the cover of knight. With everyone worried about watching the kingdom while the queen was gone, no one paid the prince and his room nearly 



as much heed.

In fact, eve

ryone found themselves so busy that he stole a map to Fairy Land from the royal wizard and food from the kitchen without anyone noticing.

He followed the map he snatched from the wizard’s study and ate the food he had stolen from the kitchen when he was hungry, but he hadn’t anticipated how menacing shadows could get at night, nor how sharp branches looked in the dark. Danger had been the last thing on his mind. If he wasn’t careful, it could be the last thing he saw.


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