The Official “Portraits” Playlist!

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Music always plays a key part in the formation of a book for me, whether it be inspiration for characters, scenes, or conflicts. Here’s a few tracks that either had a huge influence on “Portraits” in its early days or helped me get in the zone while writing certain scenes.

Find You/Beating Heart: Confession time. I liked the “Divergent” soundtrack more than the movie or the book. It was just a great collection of interesting, flavorful, unique songs and I loved it. Zedd’s “Find You” and Ellie Goulding’s “Beat Heart,” conjured up images of two characters finding each other in a dark, seedy, crowded night club and having to run away together to escape some sort of dark force, even though they didn’t know if they’d ever see each other again. Three years later, those characters are now Jocelyn and Rina.

Tam Lin/Beloved Enchantress: Shortly after I stopped playing the “Divergent” soundtrack on repeat I went on a sort of European folk/fantastical/traditional music kick, which lead to the discovery of the Mediaeval Babe’s rendition of “Tam Lin,” which laid the foundation for “Portraits.” The Moon and the Nightspirit’s “Beloved Enchantress” popped up one day on a Spotify radio station while I was working on the first draft and wound up influencing the antagonist quite a bit.

Half Acre: This song stars with “I am holding half an acre torn from a map of Michigan. And folded in this scrap of paper is a land I grew up in,” so naturally I love it. I was very intentional about setting “Portraits” and the rest of the “Faerie Court Chronicles” in Michigan, so it felt important to have a song around that always brought me home.

Lime Tree: Whenever I need to write cute and/or romantic scenes, this is always the first song I play. It’s so relaxing and chill. Perfect for making characters cuddle. 🙂

Deep End: My girlfriend introduced me to Ruelle somewhere between drafts two and three and this song instantly made me think of Jocelyn’s struggle to keep her head above water in the dark depths of the Faerie Realm. When I brought that up to my girlfriend, who had read the most recent version of the manuscript, said she could see it, but it needed to be clearer in the book. I made a few adjustments in my next round of edits and I think it made a world of difference.

Our Solemn Hour: No real story behind this one. I just get SO EXCITED to write fight scenes when Within Temptation comes on! They always sound so much larger than life and there’s so much energy in their sound. They’ve been my go-to artist for action scenes since high school and this track is one of my favorites.

The Times They Are A-Changing: I listen to this one whenever I’m writing a final chapter. It’s a good relaxer after writing the final battle and has a sense that things aren’t really over, just changing.


I hope you enjoyed this playlist! Maybe you even found some new music to listen to. 🙂 My inbox is always open and I love to talk about music, so feel free to message or email me any time and we can geek out. I also hope you’re as excited about “Portraits of a Faerie Queen” as I am to share it with you, soundtrack and all.

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