Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Six

The action of the third act is about to begin! I love third acts. They’re always my favorite to write and they always come pretty naturally. I also love using the three act structure when outline. It breaks a book down into manageable building blocks. One day I’ll play with other styles, but for now, this works pretty well.

I love the book idea.. But since I don't read that much, I would probably replace this with movies.
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Zoe’s phone rings and she groans when she reads the message on the screen. “It’s my mom. I gotta head home and hopefully not act like freak so she doesn’t suspect anything, at least until I can prep Miguel for meeting them.”

“I hear that. Dad wants to meet Oliver.”

Zoe laughs as she gets to her feet and slips her phone back into her pocket. “One more reason we should have a double date. We can prepare the boys for our dads.”

I walk Zoe to the front door and watch the coming night settle over the sky. It’s not as peaceful and calm as it once was. It feels more menacing, and not even because of the faeries. I just hope the fomorians stick to watching people until the queen gets them taken care of.

]”Promise me you’ll keep me posted on the Oliver situation?” Zoe asks.

“Promise. And don’t freak out so much about Miguel. You’ll figure it out.”

“Thanks. See you tomorrow at school.”

With Zoe gone, the evening falls into a normal rhythm. Ethan and I finish our homework and help Mom with dinner. Dad gets home and says he’s happy to see that I’m doing better, then we all eat together. Ethan and I do the dishes while Mom and Dad watch the news. By that time, it’s nearly time for Ethan to go to bed. He asks for me to read him a book instead of Mom and whispers that he feels better with me right now since I’m a faerie knight who can fight off the monsters.

My brother is so precious I can’t stand it some times.

Once he’s nodding off, I come back down stairs to find my mom on her phone with dad watching her instead of the TV. They both have troubled, perplexed expressions on their faces as mom talks to whoever is on the other line.

“No, Mrs. Kim, I’m sure Zoe left around six…Oh, here’s Gia. I’ll ask her.” Mom holds the phone away from her mouth and asks me, “Zoe left around six to go home, right? Did she say she was going to stop anywhere?”

My stomach knots. It’s not like Zoe to not tell her parents were she is and she doesn’t live from here. All she has to do is cut down Main St and take a left and…Oh no. No, no, no, what if she stopped by the lake? What if she saw something in the water and went to check it out? It would have been late and it’s still a weekday. What if no one was around?

I try to shake the fear away. There’s no way Zoe would have done that.

“I thought she was going straight home,” I answer.

“Mrs. Kim said she went looking for her and Mrs. Miller at the ice cream shop said Zoe stopped by there. Did she mention she’d be going there? Or anywhere else?”

That sounds like Zoe. Ice cream’s always been the best medicine for her problems.

“I swear I don’t know anything else.” I grab my own phone, house key, and a jacket. “I’ll call Miguel and we’ll go looking for her.”

“Don’t go too far,” Dad calls. “If you don’t find her by the time you hit Main St, come back.”

I nod and head out the door, scrolling for Oliver’s number as I go. “Zoe went missing by the beach,” I say before he can greet me.

Oliver curses under his breath. “She’s not the only one.”


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