Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Seven

We’re down to the wire and I’m so excited! This has definitely been one of the most challenging Camp NaNoWriMo’s I’ve ever done, but also one of the most satisfying. It’s probably, at least in part, do to the fact that I did a ton of planning before hand and got good feedback before I even started to book. It helped a lot, I’m sure. 🙂

Titania waves one hand and exclaims, “Which brings us right back to original problem: what’s a plan the majority of us can agree on so that we can actually get things done?”

Kole and Kellen look at us, at each other, and then at the queen with matching mischievous grins.

Let young Ollie and his friends help,” Kole says.

They’re old enough,” Kellen adds. “And they wouldn’t be negating faeries since they’re, well, not faeries.”

“What are you two getting at?” Titania demands.

Kole sits back in his chair and folds his arms. “It’s simple really. We go investigate the island, just like we’ve suggested, but we take this lot with us. Surely they know it better than we do. It would save us time.”

“We used to camp there as kids,” I chime in. “It’s a pretty popular spot in the summer.”

Oliver and Miguel nod in agreement.

“See? That way we’re not spending as much time,” Kellen says. “We simply locate the humans, count the fomorians, then come back. Then, we organize a plan of attack where Seelie and Unseelie soldiers focus on taking out the fomorians. The two of us and the humans sneak in, get their people, get them to the mainland, and wipe their memory, illuminating any human suspicion and taking at least one fomorian threat.”

“Everyone wins,” Kole concludes. “The ones who don’t want to worry about humans don’t have to worry about humans and the ones who do know they’re being taken care of. Hell, we keep a few fomorians alive and we’ll know what to prepare for.”‘

The faeries look around the table, whisper to each other, and look us up and down.

Iver’s gave is particularly intense on us. “Oliver, maybe, but the other two are still practically children by human standards.”

So were Joceyln and Annalise Lennonx and Astrina Fischler and they helped bring down Queen Mab,” Kellen reminds him. “They were a small part, but a necessary one. We wouldn’t have two separate courts again without them.”

Inver nods and looks to his queen.

She looks to us, then to her confidants. “Whoever’s in favor for the pixies’ plan, raise your hand.”

Every hand in the room except one goes up. It’s the old faerie who first spoke. He glares at us like the entire existence of humans is our fault.

That settles it,” Titania says. “Kole, Kellen, take Oliver and the others and get a plan together. I want a report in an hour.”

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