Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Two

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Welcome to another musical edition of Camp NaNoWriMo. My younger sister found Fairwell to Midland’s “Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes” back when I was still in high school and it’s been one of my favorite action scene pump up songs since. I feel like it would be hard NOT to get pumped up listening to this to be honest.

“Get the others out of here,” Oliver whispers in my ear. He takes his hand away from my face and shoves me through the shore. I move on autopilot, sloshing through the water towards the humans getting to their feet, shaking off the magic, and looking around at each other in bewilderment and looking at the ongoing fight in terror.

Miguel’s closest to the water and still on his knees, frozen in wide-eyed fear as the faeries fight the fomorians. I kneel in front of him and turn his face to mine.

“Miguel, we have to go,” I say softly. “I need you to get up and help me get everyone back into the woods.”

He blinks and finally registers that I’m here. “Gia, where am I? What are those things?”

I get to my feet and drag him with me. “I’ll explain in a minute, but we need to move. C’mon.”

Together we round up the most startled of the students and head towards the safety of the trees. The most terrified teenagers cling to us, needing our footsteps to guide their own, while others charge ahead and, luckily, scout out a secluded clearing for everyone to gather in rather than running blindly into the night.

Just as Miguel and I step into the brush, the ground shakes.

I turn to see Goat Man running towards us, heedless of the faeries’ attempts to stop him. Oliver leaps and holds tight to his arm. The fomorian flings him as hard as he can into the sand.

Oliver lies crumpled on the ground.

I freeze. I can’t run into the trees. I can’t push Miguel to do so. All I can do is focus on Oliver’s limp body lying motionless on the ground, heedless of the fomorian closing in on me.

He lifts his sword above his head with a furious cry.

I’m dead.

An arrow whizzes through the trees and collides with the stone amulet. Cracks spread across the smooth surface before the arrow falls to the ground. The Goat Man howls in rage, but it’s overpowered by the cries spilling out from the forest.

It’s as if the woods have come alive.

Faerie soldiers poor out from between the trees, clad in green and weapons at the ready as they charge the fomorians. Queen Titania leads them, singled out in the see of green due to the earthy brow cape billowing behind her and a battle cry that carries above every other sound. Arrows rain down from the sky, making the monsters shield their necklaces and retreat.

Miguel shakes me and tries to uproot me from where I stand. “Gia. Gia, we gotta move. We gotta get out of the way.”

I pull away and try to make my way though the battle. “We need to get Oliver.”

Miguel shouts for to stop, but chases after me none the less.

Olive lies at the edge of the lake, just outside the soldiers’ path to the fomorians. He hasn’t moved, but his chest rises and falls every so sightly and his limbs are thankfully still at all the right angles. I still don’t dare move him. If that hit damaged his back, I’ll only make it worse.

“Oliver, can you hear us?” I whisper, brushing his wet sandy hair from his face. God, he looks so young with no expressions on his face. He looks human.

He look mortal.

A gentle hand pulls me back. It’s Kole. “Move aside there, love. We’ve got him.”

Kellen moves Miguel aside and kneels on Oliver’s other side. “Ollie, you best wake up so we can kick your reckless ass before your mother kicks ours.”

They both place one hand on Oliver’s shoulders and the other on his hands, eyes closed and brows furrowed in concentration.

Behind us, the sound of fighting peeters out as the fomorians begin to sink below the water. Titania stands thigh deep in the water, still ordering her archers to fire despite her target’s shrinking height within the lake.

“We’ll be back for you, Your Majesty,” Goat Man bellows. “You, your armies, and that amulet of yours. Give it up if you know what’s good for you.”


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