Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Fifteen

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Fun fact: Kole and Kellen were actually in a few chapters of the first Faerie Court Chronicles book (coming out this summer!). When I started thinking about what characters could guide Oliver through Faerie, they instantly came to mind. He needs their fun-loving, carefree attitudes and they need him to help them grow up a bit. There’re over 300 years old after all. 🙂 Besides, they don’t care if he’s trans, raised by humans, or what have you. They just want to have fun. Hence why he’s a good chance for them to try and grow up a bit as characters. I love them, but even I can admit they’re a bit much.

Image result for library stock photosKellen waves at a concerned mother and her curious child as they walk up the stairs, then turns back to me. “We need you to keep an eye on young Ollie for us for a while. Just until Her Majesty’s knights track down Lyra.”

My stomach drops. “You mean they haven’t found her yet? How?”

“They almost had her, then she disappeared into the water.”

“They weren’t prepared for an aquatic chase. Leanan shee aren’t native to the water. The knights are thinking that she’s working for someone else.”

“She said something about that, actually.” I repeat what Lyra told Oliver, omitting the creepy stuff she said about him. Those words make me cringe. The fact that she’s been preying on Miguel and other kids at my school makes me sick.

The brothers nod along with my words, looking serious for once at the mention of whatever power could be greater than Queen Titania. They exchange knowing looks I highly doubt they’re about the let me in on, and sure enough, they don’t tell me a thing.

“We’ll be sure to let Her Majesty know,” Kole says. “Thank you for your help, and for looking out for our Ollie.”

“He was trying to save my best friend. It was the least I could do for him.”

“We need you to do a little more for him, if you don’t mind.”

“Like we said, just keep him busy. We can’t have him poking around this. He’s just going to rush into it again and get himself, and you, hurt. It’s being taken care of and knowing that it’s getting take care of with out him is the best way to rile him up.”

That sounds about right. He was really insistent that we didn’t go to his mother when Hob first told him, so I doubt he’ll like hearing that Lyra’s out there, being hunted down with out him.

He might, however like hearing that I’ve changed my mind about the autumn student show case. I mean, I haven’t really, but we have to audition, so odds are we won’t even have to. Practicing will keep him occupied until we try out and, hopefully, by then, Queen Titania will have caught Lyra. If the judges have a temporary lapse in sanity and think me singing in front of a crowded auditorium is a good idea, well, I’ll sabotage that bridge when I come to it.

“I think I have something in mind,” I tell the brothers.

They both beam.

Kole pats me on the shoulder as the two of them head towards the stairs. “Knew we could count on you, Georgina.”

Kellen gives me a thumbs up. “Take good care of our prince.”

“Don’t go making him fall for you in the process. He’s the sensitive sort.”

I scoff and head back down the stairs. “You two think you’re so funny, don’t you?”

“We don’t think. We know.”

“We’re also right.”

I don’t dignify that with a response. Instead, I rejoin Zoe at our table so I can get my homework done like a normal teenager. Zoe gives me a troubled look as I drop into my chair.

“What the heck just happened?” she demands.

“They’re friends of Oliver’s,” I answer. “They just wanted to know what our relationship was.”

“Where did he meet them? They clearly don’t go to our school. And do they seriously think they’re pixies?

“It was probably just a joke in response to my gremlin comment. And maybe it’s some after school thing he does. Maybe theater or whatever.”

Zoe cautiously accepts my explanation and goes back to her notes. “That makes sense, I guess. Especially the theater part. Explains why Oliver talks so weird.”

I snicker. I knew I wasn’t the only one to notice.

Speaking of Oliver, I should message him.

Do you still want to do the student show case?


Is that a yes?

Depends. What’s the catch?

I owe you for trying to save Miguel. Do you want to do it or not?

…I suppose that’ll suffice for now.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Don’t worry about it. Come by my place tomorrow. Wear something cute.

Uh, why?

To start figuring out what you’re going to wear at the showcase. 🙂

I type, “Fine,” the put my phone back in my pocket. Something tells me that by the end of all this, Kole and Kellen are going to owe me big time.

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