Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Six

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Sorry this is so late. Today spiraled into a rabbit hole of websites about book promotion since the first Faerie Court Chronicles book comes out in July. Before I knew it, it was time to go to work, so here’s day six, at one in the morning. ^^;

High School

After the initial run-through Gibbs’ works with each section individually, going around the room and making sure the first page if music is practically perfect. He has to spend the most time with the sopranos.

Just saying.

The altos are last. The entire time Gibbs has us on our feet I can feel Oliver’s eyes on me, but I don’t dare look down at him. He must be pretty sneaky himself, since Gibbs doesn’t call him out on it. Though, something tells me Oliver wouldn’t mind singing in front of everything.

For the last ten minutes, Gibbs tells us to go through the section we worked on today and mark pauses, figure out the solfege syllables, and darken the crescendos and decrescendos so we don’t miss them.

Oliver apparently has other plans. “Why didn’t I know you had such an incredible voice?”

“Um, because we’ve never sat together?” I whisper back, scribbling “Te” under a note. “And ‘incredible’ is a little much. It’s passable.”

“Have you ever sang in the autumn student show case?”

I snicker under my breath. “Of course not.”


“I don’t like being up in front of people.”


“Squeezing myself into a fancy dress and looking like a sparkling sausage in front of the entire student body and their parents doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.”

Oliver’s brows pull together. “You’re not very kind to yourself. Do you know that?”

I look over at Oliver like he’s lost his damn mind. I might know a thing or two about this boy, but he doesn’t know anything about me. Of course I know I say mean things to myself. I’m doing myself a favor. Other’s comment’s can’t hurt if I’ve already built up calluses.

The bell rings, saving me from having to answer Oliver’s question.

Or, so I think.

He follows along as I meet up with Zoe since we have English together next. Before either of us can say anything, Oliver chimes in with, “Sing in the autumn student show case with me.”

There’s no “Like” about it. This boy has lost his damn mind.

“Absolutely not.”

“I have the prefect song in mind. And I’ll be right up on stage with you. If anyone’s going to make a fool of themselves, it’s going to be me.”

Zoe tries to hid her grin behind her books. “Could be fun, Gia.”

I groan and head into the hallway with both Zoe and Oliver following behind.

“Auditions aren’t for another month, so we have plenty of time to practice.”

“And I’d go shopping with you for a dress,” Zoe chimes in. “The bathing suit proves I have an eye for these things.”

“I already know the piano part–”

I grab Oliver by the wrist and smile at Zoe. “Go ahead to English. I’ll meet you there. We need to talk.”

I drag Oliver into the nearest stairway and make sure it’s empty enough to talk. “Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but you need to stop. I appreciate you not hexing me or whatever for learning about what you are, but seriously. Stop.”

Oliver’s expression sombers as his eyes dart across my face. “I just want to preform with you. I think it would fun and you have a beautiful voice. And if you preformed, I’d think you’d see people don’t see you the way you think.”

“That’s not up to you.”

Oliver goes quiet again, looking slightly hurt.

“Look,” I sigh. “I want to be friends, really, but I’m not singing with you. I can’t.”

After a moment, Oliver glances up at the clock. “We need to get to class.” As he passes, he mutters, “Sorry if I upset you. I won’t bring it up again.”

When I turn around to thank him, he’s already melted into the crowd.

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