Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Seven

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We’re officially a week into Camp NaNoWriMo, ya’ll!!! How’s your project going? I hope it’s going well. I hope your life is going well in general. You’re all wonderful. ❤

Anyway, Kole and Kellen are back today. Let’s see what trouble they’re looking to start.

campnanowrimo7Kellen leans on the counter with a plastic smile spreading across his face as his soft human features give way to hollow angles and inky black eyes. “Good. Young Ollie doesn’t have many friends, either in this realm or in Faerie. We’d hate if something happened to one of them because they put us all at risk.”

Kole’s glamour stays in place, but his sneer tells me his brother’s words ring true.

Not that I care.

I keep my furious trembling in control enough to lean down and meet Kellen’s spine-chilling gaze. “You’re in human territory, boys,” I hiss, “and you were the ones who didn’t make sure that deer path was properly hidden. You don’t get to threaten me.”

“Your carelessness could threaten our realm,” Kellen growls.

I whip a butter knife from below the counter, making both brothers recoil. “Did you hear me? I’m not going to say anything and I’ve got iron on my side. You want to see just how much iron is in the human world? Keep talking shit.”

Kellen strikes like lightening and snatches the knife out of my hand. He studies it as his features dull again. “Fat load of good this would do you. It’s nickel and copper alloy.” A satisfied smirk comes to his face. “Your pluck is admirable, though, I must say.”

Kole begins to clap slowly. “And she’s done her research. Color me impressed.”

Kellen sets the knife back on the counter and stands erect. “So, we really don’t have anything to worry about? You’ll keep our secret.”

“Ask me again and I’ll stab you with that knife, iron or no,” I snap. “I’ve had to repeat myself a lot lately and I’m getting really sick of it.”

Both brothers cackle and begin to head for the door.

“You’ll do fine in Faerie,” Kole calls over his shoulder.

“Good to know, but I’m not going back to Faerie. If Oliver wants to be friends, we’re doing it in this realm.”

“Afraid it’s not up to you, love,” Kellen says, holding the door open for his brother. “Humans don’t ever get to leave Faerie. Not permanently anyway. You lot always come back for more.”

“So I’m cursed or something?”

“No. We’re just impossible to resist.”

I scoff as I pick my book and plop back down on my stool. “Trusty me, resisting you two is a piece of cake.”

Kole sticks his head back in the cafe for a moment. “He means ‘We’ as a group, dear. Tell us true can you honestly say you don’t crave more? Just a glimpse to remind yourself it’s all real?”

 His words pull at something. Something that scares me, so I ignore it.

“I’m getting two glimpses right now,” I retort. “And they need to leave if they’re not going to buy anything.”

Both brothers laugh as they both finally take their leave.

“We’ll be seeing you, Miss Gia,” calls Kole.

“Give young Ollie our regards,” adds Kellen.

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