Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Four

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This scene got a little away from me. ^^; Some of the previous scenes weren’t as long as I thought they would be, so I took the opportunity to slow down and let the characters have more of a voice for a while. 🙂


Sunrise 2When I look up from my phone, I nearly jump out of my skin. Ahead of me is the Oliver I’ve always known, back in his jeans and oversized hoodie like we’re out in an evening stroll.

I catch up and walk beside him. “Now would be a good time to start talking.”

He sighs and shoves his hands in his pockets. “As I said, I am not human like everyone always believed. I’m a faerie. A changeling to be more exact. As an infant I was left to be raised by my human parents. The summer before sixth grade, I spent a week at an arts camp, wandered off one night when I heard music in the woods and learned the truth.”

I massage my temple as my mind reels. “So the you I’m looking at isn’t real? The one at the part is?”

“Yes and no.”

“What do you mean?”

Oliver steps off the path long enough to step behind a tree. When he reemerges, his sharp angular features are back, as are the flowers and leaves in his hair that’s suddenly grown down his back. His clothes and height are the same.

“I use a glamour, a disguise woven from magic, when ever I’m ever fully in the Human Realm or in Faerie. Very rarely do I just let myself be in either place.”


Oliver gives a sad chuckle as he motions to himself. “Look at me.”

His tone pulls at my heart strings a little bit.

“I don’t see anything wrong,” I reply. “Well, it would obviously take some getting used to for anyone, but it’s not like there’s really anything wrong with you if that’s who you really are.”

Judging by the way he rolls his eyes, he disagrees. Instead of arguing, he steps behind another tree and changes back into his human glamour.

“How come you don’t wear your hair long as a human?”

Oliver scoffs. “Oh, that would be a fun daily conversation.” Putting on a mocking tone, he adds, “’If you’re trying to be a boy, how come your hair is long? Are you confused? You’re just a girl looking for attention.’ I’d have to bewitch people everyday for them to leave me alone.”

“I guess I see your point.” My stomach sinks a bit as I play back his words in my head. “Do you bewitch people?”

“On occasion.” Oliver says it as nonchalantly as my grandmother talks about the weather. “Just if someone’s being particularly obnoxious. Not to hurt them, mind you, just so they’ll stop bothering me and let me live. Freshman year, I had to do it more, but now it’s rare. People either stopped caring or keep their opinions to themselves. David Holt wears on my nerves from time to time though.”

“David Holt wears on everyone’s nerves from time to time.”

Oliver laughs. “Too right.” It’s nice to see him relaxed again.

We fall into an uncomfortable silence. How do you strike up a normal conversation after finding out a person you’ve known your whole life isn’t even human? Not only that, but there’s a whole world of non-human creatures practically in your back yard?

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