Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Three

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This Camp NaNoWriMo excerpt is brought to you by the Medieval Babes. I always love listening to them when I write about Faerie. They have a way of bringing out the darkness and mystery of long forgotten times and stories as well as the wonder. Their music played a key role in the formation of the first book of the Faerie Court Chronicles (coming this summer from NineStar Press), and I think they’ll be just important this time around. 🙂

Sunset 1Kole and Kellen drag me through the trees into the throng of dancers, spinning me and laughing all the while. I’m too busy trying not to trip off my feet to stop them and once they have me on the dance floor, it’s as if nothing else exists. There’s nothing but the spinning dark of the woods, the warm glow of the lights, the finery of the guests, and the flow of the music. My captors let go of my hands and a woman in a revealing black gown catches them. Suddenly, I’m a bit more alert.

“How’d you find your way into our nest, little mouse?” she asks, twirling my under her arm. “It’s dangerous without the right friends.”

“I’m not staying,” I stutter, trying focus on her face rather the swell of her cleavage. Given her piercing black eyes, glowing skin, and gracefully curved eyebrows, both are good options, honestly. “I’m just looking for a friend.”

A smirk spreads across the woman’s full crimson lips. “And such a voice.” Her arm tightens around my waist. “What I wouldn’t give to hear it sing.”

She’s clearly intoxicated. I can sing, sure, I’ve been doing it all my life, but there are definitely better options. Prettier options.

“I’m sure you can find someone better, here,” I say, glancing around for Kole and Kellen. If they can’t save me, hopefully I’ll make a big enough fool of myself that the woman will give up on me.

“Yes, but there’s something so deliciously pure about the human voice.” The woman drops my hand to gently turn my face back to hers. “Won’t you sing for me, little mouse?”

My mind goes fuzzy and the party suddenly sounds far away. The forest floor doesn’t exist. Nothing does except her. I want to sing like a canary for her, literally, but the sound gets caught in my throat. What is I disappoint her? It would shatter me to let down someone so stunning.

“I’m really not that great,” I manage to whisper. “I’m sure some of the kids in my choir class would love to preform for you if they found their way here, though.”

A curious glint comes to the woman’s eye. “Is that so?”

A green hand slips into mine, whisking me away. The world sharpens again as it speeds up. My mind reels as fast as my body does as I try to process what just happened. It’s like the center of my soul feels cold, like I was just about to sell it.

I spin to meet Kole and Kellen again. Both wear somber expression as they watch the woman dance away.

“Our apologies, lass,” Kole mutters. “Hadn’t realized we handed you off to the likes of her.”

“Do us a favor and don’t mention her to young Ollie,” Kellen adds. “He’d have our heads. His expression brightens again as he looks over my shoulder. “Ah, the man of the hour.”

“You found Oliver?”

They hand me off again, but this time to a tall gentleman dressed all in white his with long red hair weaved down his back with flowers and leaves intertwined in the braid. His sharp, angular features and pointed ears are foreign to me, but I know those dazzling green eyes and sporadic freckles. The look of terror is new too, but understandable enough.

“Gia?” Oliver exclaims. “What are you doing here?”

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