Camp NaNoWriMo: Day Two

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So far, so good. Went slightly over my word limit on both days just in case something comes up in the month and I can’t write one day. 🙂 I’m not quite sure what any one would like in these opening segments. I’m open to ideas!

Lake 2One of the guys we played volleyball with earlier, a senior named Will Keller, distracts us all when he asks, “Has anyone seen Oliver? He said he wanted to borrow my s’mores stick next.”

We all glance around, but he’s no where insight. It doesn’t look like he’s in the dancing crowd either. Will shrugs and passes his stick off to another kid. You snooze, you loose, I guess.

“Is it just me, or has he been acting weird today?” asks David Holt, another member of our impromptu volleyball game from earlier. “Well, weirder than usually. The dude’s always been weird, besides the fact that he’s not really a dude.”

Miguel punches David in the arm. Will does too in the same exact spot. David yelps and asks what he did wrong. He already knows. He always does, but still makes dumb comments like that.

 “He has been acting odd,” Miguel says. “He’s been staring at the woods like he’s under a spell or something. It was starting to freak me out.”

Zoe blows out her third flaming marshmallow and eases it onto a graham cracker. “Maybe he went in the woods, then. Is anyone else missing?”

We all look around. Everyone who’s been here for the last fifteen minutes is accounted for, except Oliver of course.

 Miguel skewers another marshmallow and plops down on a log near the fire. “David’s an idiot–”


“–but Oliver is a bit odd. He probably just went out to bond with nature or whatever. If he’s not back in ten minutes, we’ll tell the teachers.”

“Or,” Zoe chimes in with a sing-song voice and a devious smirk. “We could play a round of truth or dare. If he’s not back by the time we’re done, we tell a teacher.”

Most of the kids agree, a few are more than enthusiastic, and the ones that want nothing to do with it head towards the dance floor or the other fire. I almost ask them to take me with them, but I stay glued to my seat, my stomach sinking with every new confirmation that someone’s in. I’ll just do what I always do when I end up a part of Zoe’s crazy ideas: make myself as small as possible, watch, listen, and wait for it to be over. It usually works. Miguel doesn’t look thrilled either. If anyone else suggested it, he’d be out, but it was Zoe’s idea, so of course he’s going along with it. Like I said, he’s got it bad.

We play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to ask “truth or dare?” first. We set a rule that once you’re asked, you get to ask the next person. No repeats. If you chicken out of a dare or refuse to tell the truth, you have to sneak something out of the trash while the teachers aren’t looking and eat it.

Will wins and dares David to eat a marshmallow dropped in the sand. He does, then turns around and asks Autumn Turner who she wants to go to homecoming with. It’s Samuel Lee from the football team, much to David’s disappointment. Autumn dares Zoe to kiss her full on the mouth. Zoe’s straight, as far as I know, but in our seven year friendship, I’ve never known her to back down from a dare. I’ve wondered for a while about Autumn. Guess she’s bi curious at the very least.  

I suppress a snicker as Miguel’s tawny face turn bright red, then nearly bust a rib trying not to cackle as he and several other guys try to inconspicuously try to cross their legs. A couple others notices and crack up.

It’s all fun and games until Zoe turns around and asks me, “Truth or dare?”


I knew I should of snuck off. Zoe’s usually great about leaving me out of the game, but every once and a while, when she’s got something up her sleeve, she’ll drag me into the spot light.

Can’t pick truth. Last time I picked truth was in the sixth grade during lunch. Someone asked me how much I weighed.


Several people “Oooo” and jab their friends in the side.

Zoe taps her foot and glances towards the nearby path that leads though the trees. “I dare you to go find Oliver.”

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