This Crazy Infection by Kaylim (A Review)

Plot: 4/5       Characters: 5/5       Writing: 4/5        Entertainment:5/5        World Building:5/5   

            Despite its short length, “This Crazy Infection” is a clever, light-hearted and downright funny adventure through alien jungles, passed radioactive zombies, and into the crazy, messy and bizarre realm that is the human heart.

            When interstellar playgirl Myrha wins a poetry contest, she blasts off to the planet Lieval in search of her prize: beaches, babes and barbecue. Instead, she finds an uninhibited jungle island, reclusive guests, and an annoying hermit for a host. Alongside Lynne, a sexy android stewardess, Myrha tries to make the most of her time stuck on the planet. It works for a few days, until guests start disappearing.

            This novella had me laughing so much that I’ve gone back to reread it several times since I downloaded it. Kaylim knows full well how ridiculous the idea “zombies in space” can be and she takes full advantage of it. At the same time she knows how to make the main characters multi-facetted and interesting. Myrha seems pretty easy to read at first, but there’s actually quite a bit going on behind her cynical bad girl attitude. The same can be said for Lynne, the android stewardess. Even though she’s an artificial human, she’s a surprisingly deep thinker beyond what one would consider necessary to simply serve humans.

            The universe Kaylim has developed is also surprisingly well developed for such a short work. Not only are the main characters well rounded, Kaylim managed to created three poets, all with their own distinct histories and writing styles, and several original planets, each with their own complicated relationships to Earth. She managed to cram all of this into an e-Book that only took an hour to read, which I think is pretty impressive.

            As if all that good stuff isn’t enough, she writes the romance between Myrha and Lynne exceedingly well, even with Lynne being an android. I never thought I’d be routing for an android-human couple, but reading these two play off each other’s personalities was so enjoyable that I couldn’t help but want them to be together. They just complement each other so well and are so funny together. Romance-centered works tends to have me groaning and rolling my eyes by the third page, straight and gay romances alike, but I have to admit that Myrha and Lynne are actually pretty adorable together.

            So, if you’ve got an hour to kill, enjoy goofy sci-fi, zombies, rom-coms, or all three, head over to Amazon and give “This Crazy Infection” a try. Odds are you won’t be disappointed.  


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