The Legend of the Dunnan

dunnanIn the beginning, the Goddess Duna gave birth to the world and saw that it was good. However, she soon discovered she was lonely. While she felt pride in the mountains and rivers and the seasons filled her with joy, they could not converse with her. Not a single creature that roamed the earth could love her the way she wanted to be loved, despite the way she cherished them all.

And so, she gave birth to three sons. First, there was Draita, who grew up to be wise and all knowing. Then came Gosi, who was joyful and full of peace. The youngest was Onad, who was strong and brave. The sons were just like their mother. They too wanted children to love them. Draita created his children first. He formed them from the rays of the sun and the moon so that they would be close to his mother, Duna. He even named them after her, the Dunnan. Gosi created his children from gems and precious metals hidden high in the mountains so that they would be beautiful and immortal. These are the Fae. Last, Onad created his children from clay so that they could become anything they wanted and create whatever they wanted in turn. This are us, humanity.

Proud of her sons and happy to have more children to love, Duna bestowed magic on the races of the earth. For a time, all was well. The three races, as well as the brothers, lived in harmony, but slowly, greed began to grow in the hearts of man. Onad hadn’t made them immortal, so they only had a short of amount of time to create all they could and pass it along to their children. He also hadn’t created them to be close to his mother, so they often forgot her love and the way she saw them all as equals.

They fought among themselves. When they began to feel like taking from their fellow man wasn’t even enough, they turned to steal from the Fae and the Dunnan as well. While the Fae gladly went to war for what was theirs, the Dunnan hid in the arms of their Father. The brothers fought as their children did. Gosi and Draita wanted to destroy humanity for the way they attacked their children. Onad begged his brothers to create new worlds for their children while he taught humanity how to be kind once again. No one wanted to listen to each other.

Finally, Duna stepped in and forced a resolution upon her children and grandchildren: she would create a sanctuary for the Dunnan, a world called Sehid, since they were the most peaceful. Humanity would stay on Earth. It would be up to them to either destroy each other or learn to be better. Since the Fae fought the humans and had grown to despise them, Duna cursed them by making them humanity’s watchers. They would stay on Earth in hiding. Some would guard the entrance to the Dunnan’s sanctuary while most would hide and report to the goddess on humanity’s progress. They could not come out of hiding or reunite with their Dunnan family until humanity either destroyed itself or unified itself in peace.

And so, this is the world we live in, taking several steps forward, then several more back. We are mourned. We are celebrated. We are cursed. We are loved. One can only hope we realize this soon, for nowhere in the ancient text does it say how long the goddess and her children are willing to wait for us to learn.

And something tells me they’re growing restless.


Author’s Note: “Sehid’s Progeny” is a project that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s also been in the works for a long time. And I mean a loooooong time. I figured I might as well share bits and pieces of it with the outside world. Maybe that’ll finally push me to bring it to completion. We shall see.


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