Shine (Daily Writing Prompt)

Nothing feels warmer in winter than a roaring bonfire surrounded by friends.

Well, a bonfire surrounded by friends after a few swigs of whiskey.

“C’mon,” he says, hoisting himself up off the log. “Come dance with me.”

“I don’t know this song,” I sigh, watching the couples twirl around the fire. It’s not like I could focus on them long enough to learn the dance, even if it is a simple folk song.

He’s bit more sober, judging by the way he catches me when I stumble to my feet. Suppressing a snicker, he steadies me and looks me over. “You okay?”

“M’fine,” I answer. “That whiskey just hit me a little harder than I expected.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have given you my flask,” he sighs.

“I handled the flask just fine,” I grumble, pulling him towards the fire. “Let’s go.”

“If you’re sure,” he muses, taking me by the waist with one hand and squeezing my right hand with the other.

I let him lead and get dizzy in the process, but I have to admit it’s fun. It’s great to hear everyone laugh for once, especially him. It’s been too long.

It doesn’t last long either.

I don’t notice when we spin away from the fire or the fallen branch that tangles underneath our feet, but the rush of falling and the snow against my back grabs my attention.

He keeps laughing, though. As the first crackles nearby, the music plays, and the stars twinkle and shine above us, he keeps laughing. After three blinks of the brightest star, he goes quiet and I listen to soft breathing instead.

Once I start to shiver, I sit up. “Maybe you’re the one who shouldn’t have had the flask.”

He sits up as well and brushes the snow off my back. “Hey, now, I wasn’t the one that tripped us.” His hand lingers on my back.

“You’re the one who led us away,” I argue, dusting white icy powder off his shoulder.

“Yeah, but I also managed to dodge the branch.”

“Heh, that’s what you think.”

His hand hasn’t moved and his gaze hasn’t waivered.

And it’s cold here in the snow.

So, I stand corrected. Nothing feels warmer in winter than a roaring bonfire surrounded by friends and a kiss.

The whiskey doesn’t hurt either.


Image from here.


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